The Sound Of Amnesty: Shazam Driven Petitions

Charity and Human Rights organisations provide agencies with the chance to really think differently, push boundaries and innovate. But it doesn’t always happen that way… So I was really glad to see this smart campaign for Amnesty International, called “The Sound of Amnesty”.

It started like any other petition drive, but this time each digital signature would release the next note in an exclusively written song called the Sound Of Amnesty. Sure, there isn’t anything ground breaking there, but the following integration with Shazam was brilliant.

Whenever Shazam couldn’t detect a song, it would display a special message. ”Valentina Rosendo Cantu could not make herself heard either. Assaulted by soldiers, she asked for justice but the authorities refused to investigate.” It drove 150,000 petition signatures in just a week, a 500% increase on the same campaign last year. Created by La Chose.

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